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Safety and Health Policy Statement

Policy DiscussionIn all phases of its endeavors, Stanek Constructors, Inc . is guided by an established safety and health policies. These policies are based on a sincere desire to eliminate occupational injuries and illnesses, eliminate damage to equipment and property, and protect the general public whenever and wherever the public comes in contact with, or is affected by, the company's work.

While the ultimate success of a safety and health program depends upon the full cooperation of each individual employee, it is management's responsibility to see that safety and health rules and procedures are adequate and enforced, and to see that effective training and educational programs are employed to the greatest advantage.

Safety shall not be sacrificed for production but rather considered an integral part of quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency. Each supervisor should be aware of the safety performance demonstrated by the employees under his/her supervision.

Policy DiscussionSCI has achieved a high level of safety consciousness and is proud of its achievement in accident prevention. However, as long as the possibility exists for even one person to suffer injury or illness, we must continue to strive for improvement.

It is the goal of Stanek Constructors, Inc . to completely eliminate accidents and illnesses from our operations for these reasons:

Mr. Safety
  1. No endeavor is worthy if it should bring about human suffering through injury, illness or loss of life.
  2. A good safety record reflects the quality of management, supervision and work force. It also serves to promote business and thereby contributes to the continuing growth and success of the company.
  3. Accidents increase costs and decrease profits.

Our policy is to accomplish work in the safest possible manner, consistent with good work practices.

Bob Stanek
Stanek Constructors, Inc .







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